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Nike, just don't do it!

Don't allow innocent lambs to be injured for wool and start protecting them effectively

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Commit to certified mulesing-free wool to end the mutilation of millions of lambs

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Here's how you do it: #StopCruelWool and commit to certified mulesing-free wool

A recent FOUR PAWS report on the use of mulesed wool in sportswear has revealed severe shortcomings in Nike’s efforts to source mulesing-free wool, unlike its main competitors.
Of all the brands, Nike is the one that motivates people to “just do it”, to live a better and healthier life, but it's failing to protect innocent lambs. The brand that claims to create products to prevent athletic injuries, sources wool that comes from intentionally injured sheep. Athletes and consumers are outraged and, together with FOUR PAWS, they call on Nike to #StopCruelWool and to JUST DON’T DO IT. Stop using untraceable wool in your products. No lamb should have to endure the outdated and cruel method of mulesing and suffer for sportswear!

Athletes and fans of the Nike brand come together to send a message through this video: Nike, just don’t do it. Don’t allow lambs to be injured for wool. Act now and #StopCruelWool!

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Did you know? We investigated Nike's claims about using mulesing-free wool. 
Learn about the truth in the full Wool in Sportswear Report here.

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Important Note: Asking Nike to #StopCruelWool and to commit to certified mulesing-free wool, does not mean that mulesing-free wool is wool completely free of animal cruelty. There are other animal welfare issues that need to be tackled as well. However, mulesing is the biggest surgical intervention that farmed animals are subjected to on a routine basis. It was invented 100 years ago to save sheep from flystrike, when pain-free alternatives were lacking; alternatives that are available now. Ending mulesing is an urgent call to improve the lives of millions of lambs. Nevertheless, the journey towards high sheep welfare will not stop there.