Compassion is always in fashion

Why Wear it Kind 

No animal deserves to suffer in the name of fashion, and consumers are increasingly demanding clothes that cause no harm to people, animals, or the environment.

Consumers expect brands to take a stand on the issues that matter to us1 and we are increasingly unlikely to buy from brands that conflict with our ethics².

True ethical fashion incorporates human rights, environmental protection, and animal welfare. Fashion not only has to look and feel great, it has to be great. For too long now, people, animals, and the environment have been the hidden victims of a multi-billion dollar industry.  

But that is changing, and the future of fashion is kindness. 

Together, consumers, designers, and brands can build the ethical fashion movement, ensure animal protection is a key priority, and drive more kindness in fashion!



Over two billion animals end up in fashion and textiles annually, and many of them will suffer in countless ways for the sake of clothing. 

The missing piece.

Over and over, we see horrible exposés showing animals being treated cruelly. Unsurprisingly, research has found generations are becoming increasingly concerned about the well-being of animals within fashion. It’s clear that the fashion industry must make a change! 



Approximately 75 million people work to make our clothes, and 80% of them are young women. Most of these people are exploited, live in poverty, and work in unsafe conditions.

We need more kindness for people.

Human rights abuses remain common, and basic health and safety measures rarely exist in the industry. We need to work together to ensure people and animals are better protected in the production of our clothing.  


150 billion items of clothing are made every year, most of which end up in a landfill. The chemicals used on farms to grow our clothes, especially those used to dye our clothes, and those used to launder, are all causing a devastating environmental impact. 

Our environment is suffering for fashion.

This suffering is compounded by the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the clothing industry, which is estimated at a whopping 10% of global emissions. Leading to global warming, these emissions add further pressure to our delicate ecosystems. 

Take our Wear it Kind pledge and join a global movement of people, designers, and brands committed to ensuring that animal welfare is established as the essential third pillar of ethical fashion.

"It can’t be ethical if an animal has suffered in the process"

Jessica Medcalf, Global Corporate Engagement Manager (Textiles) at FOUR PAWS 

Together we are making a difference!

As a global community we are creating a kinder world for all, and that includes animals. We are convincing the world to #WearItKind! 
See here for more in-depth information about how the fashion industry can be kinder to animals, and what solutions are available to some of the most pressing animal welfare issues in fashion.

What are the issues? 


Sheep Wool

Lambs and sheep suffer horrendously for the bloody business of wool production

Minks in a cage


The breeding and trapping of fur animals for fashion is cruel, unethical, and unnecessary

Cow skin for the leather industry


Brutal practices persist within the domestic and wild animal leather industries



Did you know that over 600 million geese and over 3 billion ducks are raised for consumption annually?


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Animal-friendly fashion starts with you

Together, people, designers and brands can build the ethical fashion movement, ensuring animal protection is a key priority!


Working together for compassion in fashion 

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